Join us in the Security Learning Hub (our expo experience) to connect with AWS experts and partners, hang out in the Jam and Developer Lounges, compete in the Capture the Flag challenge, gain hands-on experience at the Builders Fair and learn from AWS and our partners in 30 minute demo theater sessions.

Connect with partners and AWS experts

Get hands-on with AWS security services, features, and tools in the Security Learning Hub. Have your questions answered by AWS engineers and product leaders, and connect with AWS Partners.

Vivi Demo Theater

Learn from AWS experts and partners in our demo theaters. Thirty-minute demos will be taking place over the course of the two days, with real-life applications on how to be successful on AWS.

Jam Lounge

Security and incident response is one of the top priorities for organizations that move their workloads to the cloud. Understanding the types of controls that are available through AWS and our partners is no longer enough. The Jam Lounge provides self-paced challenges that can be completed within the Jam Lounge or during breaks, lunch, or even overnight. The challenges will help you learn new skills and practice current ones against simulated environments. Stop by to learn new skills and practice current ones against a set of simulated security incidents.

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AWS Ask the Experts

For all things related to AWS Security, check out AWS Ask the Experts! Get your questions on identity & access management, infrastructure security, detective controls, data protection & privacy, incident response and governance, and risk & compliance (GRC) answered by AWS Security experts.

Builders Fair

Come visit the Builders Fair, where you can learn from AWS experts and customers, and get hands-on experience. Learn how projects were made, and leave understanding how to implement them yourself. The projects cover topics across AWS Security. Best of all, you get the opportunity to talk to the experts who built the projects, as well as diagram and problem-solve with them.

AWS Community Developer Lounge

Swing by the AWS Community Developer Lounge to relax, recharge, and connect with like-minded developers and cloud security professionals. In the Dev Lounge you can learn about community-organized Meetups, events, and workshops taking place in a city near you. Or you can gain insights and build technical skills by listening to 30 minute, community-led Dev Chat presentations.