Hacks and Jams

What Are Hacks and Jams?

Hacks and jams are highly gamified sessions where participants complete tasks that challenge and educate them on the use of a wide range of AWS services. Each event provides fun, action-packed challenges that you tackle as part of a team.

Security Jam

We provide all new incident response scenarios where you can learn new skills and practice current ones against a set of simulated security incidents. Can you identify what caused the blues? What would you do differently? How can you architect multiple AWS services to prevent it from happening again?

Whether you’re new to AWS, new to security, or an expert in both, come join us. Our activities are structured to accommodate AWS users of all levels. We have AWS experts and guided exercises to help you ramp up your security knowledge. All you need to bring is your desire to learn and a laptop.


Welcome to your new hire orientation at Unicorn.Rentals, the largest startup provider of mythical creatures worldwide! Unlike typical new hire onboardings, we have an immediate need for you to hit the ground running. As it turns out, employee accounts were hacked last night, and you need to act fast to identify and resolve a variety of security threats. You are all fully responsible for the security of our AWS accounts; the future of our company lies in your hands. Discover the attack vectors, implement protections, learn about AWS security best practices in your new teams, and have fun! The top security consultants will be awarded with our famous unicorn-themed prizes!